Not only at Easter

Peter Ghyczy: Unfoldable Garden Egg Armchair, 1968

In one of the companies he worked for, Peter Ghyczy was responsible for products made from polyurethane, a material that was still fairly new back then. He founded a ‘design centre’, in which he wanted to bring together new technological inventions and good product design. That’s how the Garden Egg was created.
The egg-shaped armchair was made of water-repellent plastic and could thus be used both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the polyurethane shell is fairly light, making it easy to lift and move the chair. Peter Ghyczy also planned two recessed grips at the front and back of the chair so that it would not slip out of one’s hands, as, when closed, the chair is actually as smooth as an egg. When it is opened, it makes for a very comfortable seat. To protect the interior cushion from rain, you only have to fold down the backrest. When sitting on a green lawn, the armchair looks like a huge egg.