Overstolzen Society

Patrons of the Cologne Museum of Applied Arts, founded in 1888

The Overstolzen Society is the successor of the Kölnische Kunstgewerbe-Verein, which was founded in 1888 by eminent Cologne citizens such as Gabriel Hermeling, Jakob Pallenberg, Karl Thewalt and Alexander Schnütgen.

As a member of the non-profit Overstolzen Society, you support the museum in acquiring high-class works of art, in organising exhibitions and events, in research activities, in producing publications and in its important press and PR activities.

What the Overstolzen Society will offer you

  • A lively forum, providing information on the history and the present state of arts and crafts, fashion and design, as well as both art and cultural history
  • Topical presentations, guided tours and events on themes and exhibitions of applied art
  • Excursions and trips to other museums, places and events related to applied and fine arts and fashion and design, with expert guidance
  • Free entry to the museum’s permanent and special exhibitions
  • Annual evening reception at the museum with keynote speech and buffet (contribution to costs)

The society publishes an annual report on the activities of both the museum and the society. You can contribute your questions, wishes and ideas to be discussed at the general meetings or in direct conversations with museum staff. 

The membership fee is tax-deductable.

You can find further information on the Overstolzen Society at: