© Mette Saabye, finger ring/necklace n.t., 2004
Anne Lahn, Flower Flashy Girl, 2018, photo: © Dorte Krogh
© Helle Løvig Espersen, heart ring, 2003 (photo: © Thomas Damgaard)
© Per Suntum, ring no. 21, 1994 (photo: © Thomas Damgaard)

Danish Jewellery Box

Contemporary Jewellery Design

coming soon

With about 200 selected pieces, the exhibition at the MAKK will provide an impressive panorama of 50 years of contemporary jewellery design from Denmark. The presentation will play with thematic juxtapositions such as ‘Body and Jewellery’ or ‘Identity and Diversity’, thus creating an intriguing and extraordinary perspective of both the complexity and the development of Danish jewellery design. The exhibition will also feature about 30 examples from the MAKK’s significant jewellery collection, which will be integrated to form a dialogic discourse. 

The exhibition will be part of the 2020 German-Danish Cultural Year of Friendship, hosted in collaboration with The Danish Arts Foundation in Copenhagen. 


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