Soothing waves

Alvar Aalto: Armchair and Savoy Vase, 1931 und 1936

The architect Alvar Aalto won a competition for the construction of a hospital. This chair was part of the furnishings. Alvar Aalto was also familiar with the tubular steel chairs by Marcel Breuer. But he considered the material too cold and hard for sick people. He was also fascinated by the oldest material in the world: wood. In his native Finland, there are large forest areas and so Alvar Aalto dreamed of bending wood like steel. He invented the respective technique and had his method of bending plywood with hot steam patented.
A little later, he designed a vase for a famous hotel in Helsinki. Its form was defined by irregular curves and waves. When you perceive the vase from above, it looks like one of the many lakes in the Finnish forests.

Blumenvasen kann man leicht durch Upcycling basteln. Eine zerdrückte Getränkedose mit Lack besprühen, oder eine Flasche oder ein Marmeladenglas mit Wolle, Stoff oder Washi-Tape umwickeln.

Here you can see how an Aalvar Aalto vase is made.